FAQ KujiVerse

From the tasks page, select the "Add New Task" button. You can then enter key details such as a brief task name, start and due dates, assignees, task description, task list to organize into, and any tags.
Yes, when creating a new task or editing an existing task you can set a due date as well as specify a reminder period (e.g. 2 days before deadline) to receive an email reminder about the task.
Switch to "Edit" mode on the task and select "Mark As Completed." You can also uncomplete tasks if required and track progress.
Yes, you can create multiple lists or Kanban boards to organize tasks. On the tasks overview page, select "Create New List" to generate a new column grouping tasks.
Yes, switch to the "Calendar" view on your tasks page and you will see all tasks across lists plotted on a calendar based on start and due dates.
Yes, when creating or editing a task you can upload relevant files and also comment directly on tasks to facilitate discussion.
Use the "Add New Project" button on the projects page. Enter a project name, description, start and end dates, team members. Then you can link to existing tasks or create new tasks before saving the project.
Yes, you can establish project templates with a set of common tasks/structure to quickly spin up new lightweight projects or even convert project templates into new projects on demand.
Standard views include a timeline view that plots all scheduled tasks on a Gantt chart, board view that groups tasks into status columns, as well as list and calendar layouts.
Team members with access can comment on tasks, upload files, @tag others on project elements, and utilize the project message board to discuss project work openly or privately.
Yes, the platform supports creating additional custom fields, metadata, dropdown lists and processes tailored to different project types used at your company.
Across projects, you can filter all tasks assigned to a given team member to keep their workload organized. Similarly, project-specific views isolate just the tasks that pertain to that project while global views traverse projects.
Email notifications are sent for assignment changes, editing project elements, mentions, approaching deadlines, and more based on notification rules you establish. All activity generates a project feed.
Basic charts showcase project progress bars based on task completion rates. More advanced reporting surfaces project hours by user, budget vs actual costs, estimates to completion, workload over time and productivity.
Submitted web forms, manual entries, and imports populate the leads database. View your lead list and use search filters or tags to organize leads into segments.
Dozens of customizable fields are available spanning from basic contact details to lead source, interest areas, interactions over time, notes and any other data to inform sales.
Yes, tag leads or use predefined lead scores/ratings to categorize at various stages from cold to hot leads, then segment your list accordingly.
Set up sales workflows that trigger timed actions for follow-ups, communications, and status changes to advance and nurture leads automatically based on behaviors/interactions.
Email templates, text message templates, note/task templates and more can pre-populate common communications for rapid personalization and sales outreach consistency.
Beyond permissions to add private notes or change lead owner, use @mentions in the lead activity feed to loop colleagues into discussions regarding specific leads.
Conversion funnel, lead aging, velocity through sales process, projected sales and pipeline reports provide data insights to optimize the sales process.
Customers have centralized profiles with details, history, project links, task feeds, notes, files and communication logs to provide teams a 360-degree view of each account in one dashboard.
The platform supports extensive customization of fields across contacts, companies, projects and tasks to match the data your team needs to support customers and serve accounts better.
New or existing projects and tasks can be directly associated with customer profiles manually for streamlined account management visibility.
Invoices can compile manually added line items or sync billing rates and project hours logged automatically to invoice customers and get paid faster.
Send invoices via email with integrated payment processing via major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, bank transfers or other payment options you configure such as terms or checks.
Creating an invoice you can specify discounts at either the line item level or invoice level. Credits appear as separate line items that deduct from the total owed.
Invoices are stored indefinitely with full archive access to search, export and analyze billing records as needed for accounting. Print or download PDF copies.
As for the complete accounting system is not equipped in this system module, you may need to add additional module that contains accounting management module. Please email us at support@managetask.online for accounting module
Invoices are stored indefinitely with full archive access to search, export and analyze billing records as needed for accounting. Print or download PDF copies.
Export invoices and related financial reporting data to common file formats like Excel, CSV or PDF documents for external records retention or analysis.
As of now, we only have web dashboard system that supports all browser in PC or mobile. We still do not support the mobile apps
Administrators can selective enable module access and abilities independently across tasks, projects, billing, reporting, configurations etc based on roles.
Actions are indeed tracked for auditing capabilities including timestamps, users affected, actions taken, before and after changes etc. Admins have audit log access.
Robust security provisions include encryption protocols for data in transit and at rest, SOC-2 compliant data centers, isolated customer instances and consistent patched updates across infrastructure and applications.
Navigate to the pricing page on our website to check available subscription options. Select your preferred plan and complete checkout via credit card. An account activation email will be sent to you with login details to the platform. Please click here https://managetask.online/pricing
We provide flexibility in subscription terms. Choose month-to-month billing to pay as you go, or save up to 17% with annual billing if your needs align to longer term access. Upgrades or downgrades can be made at next renewal.
You may try our system by login to our demo account. You may access the demo account by clicking this link ; https://managetask.online/demo
Payments must be made online via VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit and debit cards. Payment is required prior to software access.
You may cancel a monthly renewal plan anytime by disabling auto renew in your account settings prior to next billing date to avoid future charge. For annual subscriptions, cancellation results in access until the prepaid term completes. For cancelling process, please mail us at support@managetask.online
As software subscriptions provide continuous, ongoing access rather than one-time purchases, refunds are generally not applicable. Please review full refund policy details on our website if you have extenuating circumstances requiring special consideration.
Services will be disabled on expired accounts until you manually renew access and pay any outstanding balance. Data is retained for 1 month post expiration, after which it may be permanently deleted if not renewed.
Yes, you can upgrade for more features or downgrade plans easily in your account settings. Click "Change Plan" and preview new options. Any unused portions of existing terms credit towards upgraded plan fees.
No. You will have unlimited team members and projects for your system. That is the specialty for our system compared to others as we offered unlimited team members.