Refund Policy for Manage Task Online KujiVerse

We want you to be satisfied with your subscription to Manage Task Online KujiVerse. However, we do not offer refunds once your account is activated and you have access to the software.

Free Trials

There are no Free Trials. You may test our system by login to our demo account and test the whole system in the demo account.

Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions

As subscriptions provide continuous access to services, there are no refunds for partial subscription periods. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically each month on the subscription anniversary date until canceled directly through your account.

For yearly subscriptions, your subscription term begins at signup and runs for the length of your chosen billing cycle (1 year). Yearly subscriptions cannot be canceled mid-cycle and will auto-renew by default at the end of each 1 year term.

To cancel an auto-renewing subscription, you must turn OFF auto-renew in your account settings PRIOR to the next renewal date. This ensures your account will terminate access at the end of the active paid term and not renew access automatically. Any renewal charges made before a subscription is properly canceled per the above process are strictly non-refundable as you retain access for that renewal term.

Upgrading/Downgrading Plans

If upgrading subscription plans, any unused portion of a prepaid term on your previous base subscription will be prorated as credit towards the upgraded plan. If downgrading your subscription, you retain access only to features applicable to the lower tier plan for any unused prepaid term.

Extenuating Circumstances In some limited extenuating circumstances, such as death of the account owner, we may approve refunds on a pro-rated basis at our reasonable discretion, less any fees incurred. Such instances are exceptionally rare and handled on a case-by-case basis upon receipt of valid documentation supporting the request.

Please contact with any questions about subscriptions, renewals, cancellations or extenuating circumstances requiring special refund consideration.